EHang 184 - world's first passenger-carrying drone!

06/07/2016 13:51:28
EHang 184 - world's first passenger-carrying drone!
Being an alternative to ecological cars, EHang 184 is world's first passenger-carrying drone, that can take you wherever you want!

Have you ever seen a huge drone flying over your head? Meet the first "drone-taxi" which is going to be tested this year. The system will be tested in Nevada skies.



EHang Inc. is a innovative company based in Guangzhou, China and it is developing a new passenger-carrying drone. The company launched their drone EHang 184 in January 2016. The state's Institute for Autonomous Systems will help to prove its worthiness by developing test criteria.



The flight is fully controlled by an app installed on a smartphone. The app-control gives the possibility to choose and enter the destination you need. The flight is safe due to smart algorithms in the app, which minimize human errors during the flight. This means that you don't risk, if you decide to test EHang 184. If the battery is almost discharged, you don't have to panic. The built-in system of self-protection guarantees automatic return. The same occurs if the communication is lost.


If you ever try to fly on a EHang's Ghostdrone, you will never regret. Flying in a drone is much more entertaining than driving a car.


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